7 Steps to Keep in Mind, How to Design Visiting Card

Not only a well-designed business card demonstrates your professionalism, but also it highlights your identity in business. It is a part of your professional branding and also can be used as an effective marketing tool in marketing purpose.

Whether your business is casual or sophisticated, you must have a perfect visiting card template that is easy to edit and customize it whenever in need. Here are some items to be considered:

1. Choose your card size

The standard dimension of visiting card sizes are normally 3.5 × 2 inches. Though the sizes vary from country to country. In Singapore, normally there are three sizes of business cards:

  • Standard visiting cards are sized within (89mm x 51mm). They are frequently used in local printing shops.
  • Modern visiting cards are sized within (91mm x 55mm). They are suitable for using in online printers.
  • Square visiting cards are sized within (64mm x 64mm). These type of visiting cards are best for personal use.

2. Choose your business card shape

There are various types of visiting card format that has their own special design. Different card shapes are also used in different perspectives. Here is a brief list of the visiting card shapes:

  • Standard visiting cards are the most common business cards that are thicker and comes in high quality stocks
  • Square visiting cards are mainly used with square logos. Also it fits in a variety of other contexts as well.
  • Rounded visiting cards are really show off your attention to your clients. Its rounded corners prevent in premature ceasing and dents and help the cards to stay mint for a longer period.

Apart from these card shapes, there are folded cards, leaf business cards, slim rounded corner business cards, circle business cards, oval cards and so on.

3. Add your Company Logo and other graphics

While designing your business cards, you must not forget adding your company logo and other graphics as this process is extremely necessary. No matter what business you are running, you must add your company credentials in the business card background. This must be given importance as business cards play the vital role in advertising, brand recognition, call-to-action, and of course enhances your brand awareness. No matter how well your business card is designed, if your business information is not listed in the card properly, the card will be of no use and all your work will be wasted.

4. Textual Information

A good business card is an extension of your brand that conveys the right information to your clients. Your business’s textual information can help in growing your identity of your brand and also help customers instantly recognize your business offerings to your clients. Your company’s tagline and job title is a must to include. You can also add your website information, your portfolio, newsletter or any other information and make it complete.

5. Choose your font style and size (Typography)

The font style and size is totally dependable on your business card layout and design. Things to keep in mind when choosing your font size:

  • Your brand need to have a specific font for better readability to your readers.
  • You have to adjust the design depending on your card layout.
  • If you have a lot of content written, better go for smaller fonts. You can also use bold fonts, if necessary.

6. Concentrate on Finish type

  • Glossy: finish makes your business cards shiny. if you include any photos into your cards, a glossy finish will make them look by blunt and provide them a great contrast.
  • Matte finish is can be a great way to give your business cards in modern and clean look. it works great with designs and color palettes too. If someone even touches your card, Matte finish will also take away any glare and it will remove every fingerprints of that user.
  • Embossing In this finishing process, heat processing is used into the card paper without using any ink or foil. It gives a very strong texture feel to the card and makes it visually appealing.
  • Spot UV spot This is one of the most used finishes on business cards. Spot UV is a ultraviolet varnishing that is used for enhancing certain areas of a business cards for making the color of richer and also shiny.
  • Foil Stamping gives a touch of elegance to every business card with a nice texture feel and look on it. In this process, a colored foil is pressed into the card paper using a hit die and this is mostly used to enhance typography and logos.

7. Now we are here to print for you

We at Landmark, offer you a variety of business card templates, Our highly talented graphic designers are ready to serve you visiting card as per your business needs.

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