Foam board printing Singapore

Foam Board is also called Foam PVC or Foam Board PVC. This foam board is made by compressing the PVC. You have seen many advertisements that use Foam board printing. Here, we at Landmark Print offer you the best foam board printing services in Singapore.

Foam Board is lightweight, very durable with a smooth finish. However, foam board printing is popular for cheap indoor signage. Even Foam Board will enhance the visual interest to the store windows, offices, or exhibitions. So, use our foam board printing services in Singapore will help you to attract potential customers to your store.

Foam boards are used to announce a grand opening of a store or business, promote a sale, or share any information at events and many other events. If you want to share any information which is related to your work then, Foam board printing will help you get connected with potential clients.

It is also a great way to let shoppers know about seasonal specials or discounts you offer in your store or business. Therefore, Foam board signs give a sharp, professional look which is combined with a super lightweight design.

Landmark Print offer foam board which is made up of 3mm thick foam with a smooth matte printing surface. Our foam boards are portable with easy to set up and take down in seconds. You can easily carry foam board from one place to another.

Our foam board printing is done using digital technology. This gives a sharp and professional look to your foam design. Landmark Print provides the best vinyl foam board that has a stiff property with good protection against direct sunlight. It avoids color fading and cracking which results to provide a good life to foam board.

Foam Board vinyl printing by Landmark Print in Singapore is correctly done. We provide fully customizable designs or templates for foam board printing. As you are done with the selection of the foam board design, then you can also add some custom details to make it more attractive.

Then, we take care of the rest part of creating and forming foam board printing. You will get the most attractive and up-to-date foam board print as per your requirement. Your sign will look great and ready to go.

Benefits of Foam Board

With Landmark Print, you will get benefits from Foam Board. They are:

  • High-Quality Foam Board
  • Economical foam board
  • Various options for display foam board during events
  • Lightweight material

You will get a high-quality foam board with an elegant look by spending within your budget. You don’t need to expand your budget just for foam board. Foam boards are versatile while displaying in events, and they are very light weighted to carry.

So, it is not difficult to manage a Foam Board. Now let us have a look at the Foam Board material that Landmark Print offers.

Foam Board Material  

  • 3mm White Foam Board
  • 5mm White Foam Board
  • 5mm Black Foam Board
  • 10mm White Foam Board

We offer these foam board materials that will help to embrace your work and offerings. The foam board material will play an essential role in displaying the event or offers. So, choose wisely.

So, we at Landmark Print give you full assistance from starting till the foam board reaches you. We are with you in the printing process. Your requirements and our work. Landmark Print only focuses to provide the best Foam Board Printing services in Singapore.

So, what are you waiting for? Provide the full details about your requirements, and we are here to serve you the best.

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