Black Aluminium/Wooden Easel Stand


Size:  Wooden Easel Stand


Black Aluminium / Wooden Easel Stand in Singapore

Black Aluminium Easel Stand (Out of Stock): We sell black tripod easel stand made of aluminium suitable for displaying up to A1 size poster board and frames that is popular in Singapore. It is light weight at 0.9kg, with retractable legs for easy storage and comes with black carry bag.

Aluminium material easel stand is lighter than other steel types so its easier to caryy around, more rust-proof and easier to carry around. Usual Price for 1-5 pieces: $21 per piece, now promo price: $19 / piece.

Wooden Easel Stand: Another popular easel stand would be Wooden Easel Stand in natural wood finish for displaying canvas, poster boards up to A1 size for your events and promotions. It is sturdy and weights 1.95kg

Wood material easel stands are a hit with wood lovers, and for 1-5 pieces: costs $40 per piece.

We do not charge GST, and in case you need delivery we charge a fee of $18 to deliver to your office the next day after payment confirmation.

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